Your work, story and provocative point of view are worthy of a much a wider and well-qualified audience.

  • If you love to talk more than you love to type, know how to create rapport with people of influence, and have value to share, podcast guesting is a very powerful and lasting way to boost credibility, authority, visibility, and attract leads, partners, and sales!
  • When you master the art of podcast guesting, you and your assistant can confidently pitch you and your expertise to the right podcasts, deliver high-impact interviews, and establish you as the go-to expert in your field . Best of all, you'll be skilled to turn up the volume under your own power and initiative, instead of paying big bucks to a booking agency.
  • Join thousands who have come before you to learn from a life-long publicist who discovered podcast guesting when the pandemic hit and never looked back. Discover why Jack Canfield calls this time post pandemic as "the new better" instead of "the new normal" and why this can be your time to shine, too.

Attend This Training to Discover...

Little Known Podcast Booking Secrets

... to securing the right podcast bookings, so you can bring in more business, gain credibility, and become sought-after authority in your industry..

How to Leverage Podcast Guesting

... to elevate your brand and generate a steady stream of high-quality leads, clients, and opportunities, with the added benefit of having a well-trained assistant to support you every step of the way.

Uncover Proven Strategies

... for crafting attention-grabbing bios, interview questions, and pitches that make you an irresistible guest on any podcast,

Find Out How to Use Chat GPT to get Media Ready, Media Savvy and On Message Fast

... to refine your messaging, create compelling content, and engage with your audience like never before, with the added support of a trained assistant who can take care of the technical aspects and implementation.

"I want to give a big shout-out to Nancy Juetten for an amazing 12 weeks of learning and growth in her Broadcast Your Brilliance Bootcamp. Nancy taught me, my marketing assistant (Holli Lawrence) and other entrepreneurs how to increase our visibility and get booked on podcasts. Together we scored 19 bookings within 12 weeks, and some of them are top sales podcasts! This is such a valuable skill for building our businesses and preparing for the launch of my book!

Thanks to Nancy's expert guidance and support, I am confident in my ability to share my message and reach more potential clients and champions. I've already seen some great results from the strategies she taught us and that Holli has implemented. I know there's so much more potential to unlock.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to level up your visibility and get your message out to the world, I highly recommend checking out Nancy's program and working with her. She truly knows her stuff and is a fantastic coach and mentor. Thanks again, Nancy, for all you do!"

-- Joe Pallo,
Top Sales Trainer to Top Producers and author of How to Sell Nothing: The Logical Way to Make the Emotional Sale

I've been there...

Helping top clients get seen, heard, celebrated and ultimately compensated for their winning ways has been my focus in business for two decades in the best and most challenging of times.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I turned my attention to podcast guesting and found a way to raise my voice and make big impact without leaving home.

When new clients signed on with me after speaking up on the right shows, I knew I needed to teach other service providers how to achieve the same or an even better result.

What a great way to be of service during a very confronting time for speakers, experts, authors, and service professionals up to big things AND requiring an audience to bring in the business.

Since then, thousands of messengers have tuned into my podcast dream guest master classes and tuition-based group and private coaching programs.

I've discovered that top performers love to speak up, but they don't love some of the tasks that need to be done to get those bookings in the first place.

It dawned on me that I could empower both the expert and his/her assistant to learn the right skills so both could be in their zone of genius more of the time.

Best of all, they can book themselves on plenty of shows under their own power and initiative -- without hiring an expensive booking agency.

That just makes good business sense in an economy that for some has been a little tricky.

I want to show you and your assistant how you can bring in these results, too!

You're joining me, right?


Score the right podcast bookings to bring in more business without hiring an expensive booking agency.

Nancy, show me how to work with my assistant so I get to do the parts I love and he/she does the rest.

More Cake. Less Cringe.